Bernie “reassessing” back in Burlington, not talking to press - WCAX

The VT senator and presidential candidate Wednesday night went from the plane at Burlington International Airport right to a car, which left promptly. He didn’t talk to the press then, nor was he in a talking mood when the press knocked on his door after he returned to his Burlington home.

"Sanders lost all three states: Illinois, Arizona, and Florida. He now trails behind rival Joe Biden by nearly 300 delegates. Sanders hasn’t done any interviews or released any statements since the poor showing. However, his campaign manager says he will assess his presidential campaign and will talk to his supporters. No word on when that will be. WCAX News was there as Sanders landed at the airport Wednesday night. As soon as he got off the plane, he went straight to the car and drove off with the windows up. A WCAX crew then went to Sanders’ home asking to speak to him but his wife answered the door and declined comment.”

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