Bernie insists he is ‘neck and neck’ with Biden - Seven Days

The candidate with the iffy medical record claims he’s running even with the candidate who called for voters to turn out on Super Thursday. A few days ago that would have been bad news for Bernie. Now he is hoping it’s actually true.

""Now I haven't seen the latest delegate count, but my guess is that after California is thrown into the hopper, it's going to be pretty close," Sanders said. "We may be up by a few. Biden maybe be up by a few. But I think we go forward basically neck and neck."

Sanders devoted most of his prepared remarks to contrasting his record with that of his chief opponent. "Joe Biden is somebody I have known for many years. I like Joe. I think he's a very decent human being," the senator said. "Joe and I have a very different vision for the future of this country — and Joe and I are running very different campaigns."

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