Becca Balint poised to lead Vermont Senate - VT Digger

With Sen. Tim Ashe running for lieutenant governor, Sen. Becca Balint - a gay schoolteacher from Brattleboro - will likely become the next Pro Tem of the Vermont Senate.

“As a woman, as a child of an immigrant, as a member of the LGTBQ community, as a person who didn’t come from money or who didn’t have any political mentors or connections, I feel like I represent the everyday people in our communities, and I really want our Legislature to reflect the needs and the interest of a diverse population,” Balint added. Balint, who has been majority leader since the start of her second term in Jan. 2017, already has widespread support among the Senate’s 24 Democrat and Progressive members. There are only six Republicans in the 30-seat chamber.."

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