Battle of Plattsburgh celebration taken over by not-for-profit - WPTZ

Budget cuts and social distancing made the traditional celebration of this War of 1812 battle untenable for local government. So a not-for-profit organization has stepped in. Model for other local, state government funding dilemmas?

"The main event, which was a celebration slated for September 11th, was recently cancelled by the city and organization due to funding and social-distancing troubles, but 1814 Commemoration Inc. hopes to continue the tradition virtually this year."It's such an important event that we feel we need to celebrate it every year. It's not a celebration but more a commemoration of what happened here and what the people did and how a little, tiny handful of people in Plattsburgh; soldiers and volunteers, held off a huge British army," says Tom Donahue, president of the non-profit group."

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