Barre school district will have electric buses, but no plan to transport high school students – Times Argus


There’s not enough money in the budget to transport students from the new unified school district to its high school, Spaulding High in Barre.

"Money for what would be a new — and some say needed — service for Spaulding students isn’t in the $48.5 million school budget voters in Barre and Barre Town will be asked to approve on March 3, and it is far from clear whether it will be included in the school spending plan that will be on the ballot a year from now. For the moment, it’s an idea with advocates and an uncertain constituency progressing through a school system that provides transportation to separate pre-K-8 schools in Barre and Barre Town, while requiring high school students in both communities to get to Spaulding on their own.

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