Back open for the People’s business, Vermont State House hosts youth ‘climate congress’ – WCAX

Youth climate activists filled the seats of elected legislators at the Vermont State House, closed for about two weeks due to installation of a new backup power generator and other renos.

"Hundreds of students from schools all across Vermont packed inside the Chamber for the state's first ever Youth Climate Congress. Kids, from elementary school to college, called on the Vermont Legislature and Governor Phil Scott to take bold action on climate change.

“The work we are doing today will set an example for Governor Scott and the Legislature of what comprehensive climate legislation can and should look like," said Youth Climate Congress co-chair Lili Platt. Platt led the event alongside co-chair Evelyn Seidner. Seidner and Platt delivered the opening remarks before breaking the group into smaller subcommittees to further discuss climate solutions. They brainstormed ways to advance transportation, energy and heating, agriculture, just transition, and climate justice.

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