Autosaver owner faces complaints, legal challenges - VT Digger

Abel Toll, owner of 14 car dealerships and husband of House Appropriations Chair Kitty Toll, is the object of a long chain of consumer complaints and legal challenges from unhappy customers.

"The Autosaver dealerships accounted for a combined 280 consumer complaints filed with the Attorney General’s Office in the past six years. The company said its 14,000 sales last year was typical, meaning it has racked up at least one complaint for every 300 sales over that time. The industry average is one complaint per 875 sales, according to data from the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association. (Because Autosaver’s sales figure counts sales at the New Hampshire and New York locations, the ratio of complaints to sales in Vermont is likely higher, and the distance from the industry average larger.) Autosaver has also accounted for about 40% of all auto-related consumer complaints filed against Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association members in the past six years, yet the company only accounts for some 10%-15% of total sales, according to state and VADA data.

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