ATVs get trial run of streets of Newport – WCAX

The Newport City Council decided Monday night to allow ATVs to operate on city streets on a trial basis. The council voted 3-1 in favor of a five-month ATV trial period that is set to last from May to October. During that time, ATV riders are permitted to drive on town highways.

"Monday’s discussion was the council’s third and final debate on the matter. Newport Mayor Paul Monette led the meeting and said he was pleased with the outcome. He believes allowing ATVs will help attract visitors and will boost Newport’s economy. “I’m looking at bringing more people to town. If you look at all the trailers coming up on weekends with ATVs and in the wintertime, snow machines, I just see this as a boost to bring more people to town,” said Monette. “You have to think outside the box and try new things)”

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  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-10-23 11:08:46 -0400
    So let’s see Vermont is one of the few remaining states that treats
    ATV’s as an issue, not allowed on the roads and not allowed on most
    State & Federal Land ??

    Our neighboring state NH, see’s the revenue generated by allowing
    ATV Use throughout the state, and yes VT Atv’s use this benefit money lost for the state !! ……. turn a blind eye for an agenda.

    So in VT, ATV’s are registered, have lights, most riders always
    wear a helmet obey the rules of the road but are treated like criminals, also in Vermont, you can ride a bicycle on any street, no lights, no
    helmets and most " Do Not " obey the rules of the road, and when off-
    road riding they tear up the landscape, hypocrisy from Montpelier

    Open the roads and open the trails