As carbon emissions rise, lawmakers seek reduction mandate – VPR

The same legislative body that voted to close Vermont Yankee, the state’s biggest carbon-free power generator, is now seeking to remake state government into an engine of carbon-reduction.

"In 2008, Vermont passed a law that set out some lofty goals for reducing carbon emissions, but there’s no legal requirement for the state to meet them. Thetford Rep. Tim Briglin, who chairs the House Committee on Energy and Technology, said it’s time for Vermont to adopt an emissions-reduction mandate.

“We’ve got to pick up the pace,” Briglin said. “We’ve got to find the policy solutions, and we’ve got to frankly find the accountability that’s going to move us down the path of reduction.” Briglin noted state legislatures in Maine, Massachusetts and New York have all passed laws that mandate a statewide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. “And the results in those states have been pretty impressive, in contrast to the pathway that Vermont has been on in the past decade, where our greenhouse gas emissions have actually gone up,” he said.

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  • Rob Roper
    commented 2019-11-26 08:49:24 -0500
    This is absolutely crazy. Mandating the impossible, then making citizens legally libel for failure. It would usher in a Green Police State.