Are the F-35s really louder than the F-16s? - WCAX

Vermont's first F-35s have begun roaring into the skies and these first training missions are giving communities near the Burlington airport an indication of just how loud the planes are.

"Our Dom Amato was in Winooski Wednesday morning when a jet took off and he spoke to people there about the noise. We know there are many supporters and opponents on each side of this noise level debate. Although they may not be able to agree on much, those we spoke with do agree on at least one thing-- that the F-35s are no doubt louder.”

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  • C Henry
    commented 2019-10-04 06:00:18 -0400
    Wow, what a revelation a jet is loud, so all the planes at the BTV airport
    be it commercial private are also loud, that’s the nature of the beast and
    it’s not like it’s a constant problem…….

    So for all these " bleeding hearts " with an agenda, well get over it as the
    F-35 are here to stay ……Find something else to protest.

    Burlington Airport opened in 1920, you didn’t know it was here ????