Architect of TCI plan to lead Dept. of Environmental Conservation - VT Daily Chronicle

The deputy secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources, Peter Walke, has worked for years to develop a plan for Vermont to participate in the Transportation & Climate Initiative. It awaits a decision by Gov. Phil Scott and the Legislature. Now Walke has been named Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

“Walke will now lead DEC’s 300 employees working to advance clean air, clean water and healthy communities. DEC is one of three departments in the Agency of Natural Resources, along with the Fish and Wildlife Department and the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. Peter has been instrumental in developing and implementing strong, common-sense environmental policy,” said ANR Secretary Julie Moore. “His ability to lead bipartisan efforts across the state and region has been invaluable. This skillset will be an asset to the DEC. During his time as ANR’s deputy secretary, Peter co-chaired the Vermont Climate Action Commission and represented Vermont in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. He also coordinated efforts to provide clean drinking water for Vermont residents affected by PFAS chemical contamination.”



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