Anti-semitic posters found in St. Albans on eve of Hannukah – St. Albans Messenger

Believed to be the work of one or two people, anti-semitic posters were tacked to utility poles in St. Albans. It’s happened in the past but this holiday season it was particularly visible.


""There was some signs, leaflets that were left on utility poles in the city today. We had some in the past. It had some anti-Semitic undertones to them," St. Albans Police Sgt. Joseph Thomas said. Right now, police say the newly discovered signs don't appear to violate the law but there's a fine line between free speech and a crime. "If in conjunction with any other act could be considered a criminal act," Thomas said. "Although not directly racist or anti-Semitic, it could definitely cause some upheaval in the community."

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