Animal shelters getting by with a little help from friends - Rutland Herald

With the pandemic leading to the cancellation of events, shelters have also taken a hit to their fundraising efforts, however these weren’t necessarily crippling.

"We did have to cancel a couple of events,” said Saradarian. “Our Trails for Tails, our Pints for Pets, and a couple of others, the Blessing of the Animals, things like that.” She said Yoga with Cats would be taking place Wednesday, however, it would be done via Zoom with the yoga instructor at the shelter and participants following along at home, with or without their pets. “It didn’t hit us with the events, it hit us more so with the adoption center,” Saradarian said. “We weren’t doing adoptions for a couple months, so we took a hit there. We also do a lot of break-open tickets at the bars, and the bars were closed. Those were the two areas that were a big impact for us"

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