Angelo Lynn editorial: bear hounds and what ‘control’ means – Addison Independent

It was also apparent that having “control” of a hound on the scent of a bear or any other prey is in the eye of the beholder to some, and an oxymoron to others.

“By its very nature, bear hunting with hounds allows the dogs to run free of their owners’ direct control (it would be impossible to keep up with them in the wild) while they’re on the scent. Because the hounds can get up to 3-4 miles away from the hunters, who follow and tract them via a GPS collar on the hounds, it’s not unusual for hunters to be 30-45 minutes or more before catching up to the pack which may have cornered or treed their prey.

Figuring out how to write regulations for such a sport is trouble enough; imagining a way to enforce such regulations adds another layer of difficulty to a problem that, at first, seemed to be a very rare occurrence. It the Independent’s second story of the series, the hound attack was described as so unusual it was akin to being hit by lightning. Area hunters and game officials all described the incident as unacceptable, the said they hadn’t heard of anything similar in decades.

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