Analysis: union crushers gunning for Vermont police - True North Reports

The “Defund the Police” folks are talking about getting rid of current police departments and starting over. That’s a common tactic of union busters, and one that has been practiced by the Vermont Legislature before.

"Whoa! Union-busting, much? Apparently so and that’s OK with one commenter on the tweet: “Republican politicians generally are anti-union for private sector and even govt workers, but for police, they love unions. Police rank and file have become a political force of their own: conservative, pro-gun, anti-human rights.” It’s an apt summary for why progressives abhor rank-and-file police officers: they are (1) conservative, (2) support the Second Amendment and are (3) “anti-human rights.” The commenter did not expound on what No. 3 means, but in his blog post, Ellis does."

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