Analysis: ‘Outsiders invading Vermont’ - what does that mean, anyway? - VT Digger

As year-round Vermont residents see more and more out-of-state license plates on the roads and (more important) parked outside crowded stores, some are reacting with concern and even fear and anger. What’s really happening? And what does it say about who we are? Anne Wallace Allen broods over the question.

"Stories of out-of-state plates clogging up supermarket parking lots have been legion online. Many VTDigger readers have emailed anecdotal reports of this out-of-state invasion. Last week, the Health Department revealed that seven of the state’s 17 confirmed COVID cases were in people who had come from out of state. If you read blogs based in New York or Boston, you have probably come across conversations between people mulling the wisdom of leaving for their second homes in Vermont, and Vermonters telling the out-of-towners to stay home so they don’t overrun the health system. Social media reports in other popular vacation spots, like Maine and New Hampshire, also tell of locals trying to keep visitors out."

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