Alleged price-gouger charged for mask mark-ups - Fox 44

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office has filed charges against a Williston man who it says charged UVMMC about $2.50 per mask imported from China.

“The state accuses Big Brother Security Programs and its owner, Shelley Palmer, of paying 10 cents each for the masks and re-selling them to the hospital for $2.50 each. Attorney General T.J. General said that’s a violation of the Vermont Consumer Protection Act, which defines price gouging as “an unconscionable increase in the cost of goods during a declared emergency. The complaint says the masks and other personal protective equipment are in short supply as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, and Palmer “took advantage of disruptions to normal supply chains” to unfairly raise the price. According to the complaint, in February, as the pandemic began to unfold in the U.S., Central Vermont Medical Center could purchase the masks for 6 cents each."



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