All lives matter,” niece of MLK tells Vermont radio audience - Vermont Daily

Dr. Alveda King has the same message for Vermonters and Americans today that her uncle preached 60 years ago: “the answer to violence is not more violence,” she told Heather Sheppard of the Light Radio yesterday.

“Black Lives Matter people are going to get mad if you say all lives matter, but they do…..all human beings matter,” Dr. King said. “We are a human family. Yes the African American community has been mistreated in America. So has the Irish American. So has the native American. “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters, and we’re not going to perish together as fools. But the Black Lives Matter situation comes from a wounded community, a hurt community, that has really been hurt, and that’ s why it’s there. We need to talk, we need to repent as Americans.”"



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