Mayor Miro braces for city council controlled by Progs - VT Digger

Fresh off a social media scandal involving his police department, Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger now must deal with a city council controlled by Progressives.

“Progressives are planning on prioritizing climate issues, housing, sustainable transportation and police reform in the next year, councilors said. “I think we have really opened the door to bold policy change, especially on climate issues,” Councilor Jack Hanson, P-East District, said. “I think we’re in a position now to move forward with building the transportation system we need to build.” Councilor Brian Pine, P-Ward 3, said he believed the Progressive-majority council will focus on limiting the city’s carbon footprint and increasing the diversity of the city’s boards and commissions. “I think Progressive councilors are about good local government, really focusing on good governance,” he said. “I think that the new councilors will be as committed to that as anybody, I think they want to make local government work for ordinary people.” Councilor Max Tracy, P-Ward 2, said Progressives would likely take a different approach to addressing the housing crisis, prioritizing climate action and stressing expanded participation in government."



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