AG: Burlington police justified in use of force against Kilburn – WPTZ

A Burlington cop used ‘reasonable and justified’ force in restraining Burlington resident Douglas Kilburn, who punched Officer Corey Campbell after an exchange of words outside of the UVM Medical Center.

"The investigation stems from an incident on March 11 in which Campbell was called to respond to "irate" behavior by Kilburn, including him blocking ambulance bays at UVM Medical Center with his car.

An altercation between the two resulted in Kilburn punching the officer, who responded by punching Kilburn three times, strikes that fractured his jaw, orbital bone and skull, per medical reports.

Kilburn was found dead several days later.

In Donovan's announcement, he said Campbell will not face charges moving forward and added that de-escalation practices should be reinforced with local police departments.

"We have far too many of these cases happening," Donovan said. "We seem to be seeing [questions into use of force] monthly, if not weekly. We need to do a better job."

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