Advisory committee recommends State Board of Education shutdown – VT Digger

The Legislature’s Sunset Advisory Commission has recommended eliminating the Vermont State Board of Education, with the hope the Legislature will repurpose the board’s mission and cut redundancy.

"White said the goal is to re-envision the education body, not discard it in its entirely. She said the idea might get pushback, but the redundancies between the state board and the Agency of Education need to be addressed. Other members of the commission agreed. Legislation outlining the commission’s recommendations will be finalized next month.

John Carroll, the newly appointed chair of the State Board of Education, made his own case for reform during a meeting in September, saying the board could help “shape the future of education in Vermont,” but needed to accept the limits of its authority.

Carroll told the commission Wednesday that the State Board of Education has found itself in an awkward position since the passage of Act 98 in 2012, which made the secretary of education a cabinet level (and political) position and elevated the Department of Education to an agency. Those changes ceded many of the board's responsibilities to the secretary and the agency.

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