With volunteer fire companies at odds, service and safety suffers - Eagle-Times

This is what happens when volunteer fire companies feud like the Hatfields and the McCoys - a service areas that are drawn down the middle of a highway, and no “mutual aid.”

“According to the September 2018 John Woods fire service report, this rift between the WWVFD and Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association has been ongoing for decades. The report also indicated that a municipal fire department is needed with a fire chief that oversees both departments.

“The relationship and communications between the selectboard and the fire departments have been strained for some time because of budget issues, personality conflicts between the two fire chiefs, a long standing cultural and competitive feud between the two fire departments, and accountability of the departments to the selectboard,” the report reads. “There is a perception of mistrust between the board and the fire departments. A fire commission was authorized in 1990 to help the communications issues between the Board of Selectmen and the two fire department associations. As explained in the next section it has not been effective in more recent times."



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