Vermont school superintendents ponder closing schools - VT Digger

 With many colleges going to remote learning, now K-12 schools are wondering about keeping their schools open.

 “All the area superintendents have been back and forth via email for days” about the impact of the COVID-19 virus, said Olsen-Farrell. The virus, which has halted business and leisure travel and prompted the widespread cancellation of events in Vermont and worldwide, was first documented in December. It has spread rapidly, killing an estimated 4,000 people worldwide and sickening 120,000. There had been two cases of the virus confirmed in Vermont by Thursday. “To the extent possible, we are making decisions that are relatively in line with each other, like how are we responding to field trips; are we allowing teachers to leave the state for professional development opportunities; are we allowing outside organizations to use our buildings,” said Olsen-Farrell. “Those are all things we’re trying to get some general consensus on as a group."

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