“Supportive” quarantine awaits returning UVM students - Seven Days

“Hi, Welcome to Burlington. I’m Mayor Miro Weinberger with the Burlington Covid-19 Welcome Wagon, here to help your first 14 days in Vermont pass more pleasantly. Here’s a free mask. Now don’t leave the house.”

"Out-of-state students, like anyone returning to Vermont, must quarantine for 14 days — meaning stay on their property — before venturing out. Mayor Miro Weinberger said during a briefing Friday that, anticipating difficulties, the city will implement a "supportive quarantine" service for housebound students. The program will also be available to other Burlington residents who return from out of state, such as second-home owners or snowbirds. The city will check in regularly with those who voluntarily sign up, Weinberger said. Those quarantined will receive a "welcoming care package" that contains a mask and "hygiene supplies." Weinberger alluded to "incentives" for those who stick with the quarantine rules, though he didn't specify them. A website with more details is expected to go live in the coming days, the mayor said."

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