‘Stealth’ carbon tax details published – State House Headliners

While Vermont legislators are scared about voter backlash to passing a carbon tax per se, they may have an opportunity next year to get a ‘stealth’ carbon tax by giving the nod to the multi-state Transportation and Climate Initiative. Gov. Scott says he wants to see how it would affect Vermonters before he turns thumbs up or down.

"In practice, the TCI is a “stealth” carbon tax because it would raise the cost of gasoline for all Vermonters and would give climate activists in the Vermont Legislature the carbon emissions revenue they seek – all without actually having to vote on the record for a literal ‘carbon tax.’ The CTI, begun in 2010 with Vermont as a charter member, has gone almost unnoticed by the Vermont press, at least compared to its coverage on specific carbon tax legislation.

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  • C Henry
    commented 2019-10-08 17:44:29 -0400
    Carbon Tax, another progressive liberals boondoggle …..

    They keep going to ” The Well ” that’s on the backs of hard-working Vermonter’s to fund their foolishness, as most of there legislation will
    not stand on its own !!

    We need to send these carpetbaggers we have in Montpelier back home, yes that includes Tim Ashe of Massachusetts………

    These clowns just don’t get it, and we let them do it !!!