Squirrels cause tri-town phone outage - Times Argus


 It’s nutty, but squirrels seemed to find something tasty in a high-tech fiber optic cable.

" Spaans said in an email Wednesday that at 2 a.m. Monday, technicians discovered that squirrels had eaten through the outer sheath of a 144-strand fiber optic cable connecting Wallingford, Danby and Tinmouth. A second team, one specializing in strand splicing, was called in and had the problem fixed by 2 p.m. This required 101 more customers to be taken offline temporarily. “In closing, I certainly hope this helps our friends and neighbors understand this unexpected outage,” said Spaans. “Although the explanation may sound puzzling at first, we remind everyone that we all share Vermont with wildlife, and odd, albeit, very rare circumstances involving animals can disrupt even the most sophisticated of telecommunication companies.”"

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