Senator says it plain about state colleges - Mountain Times

Sen. Dick McCormick (D-Windsor) tells his constituents the hard truth: keeping our state colleges intact will mean raising taxes. A lot. You ready for that?

“And education is more than job training. We’re a republic, and we need citizens educated in our founding and defining institutions. We are inheritors of thousands of years of civilization, and we owe it to future generations to pass that heritage on. Maintaining a society is often a financial loser. That’s the easy part. Saving our state colleges will cost money. The state raises money through taxes. People don’t like taxes. Many things have changed over my years in the Senate. But the single most constant message from the people, year in and year out, has been this: “Taxes are too high!” “You idiots in Montpelier are driving people out of state with your out of control spending!” If we want to keep our state colleges open we must embrace the whole picture, (1) do it, (2) pay for it, and (3) raise the taxes necessary to pay for it."



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