‘Seismic shift’ in VT demographics: more gray hair, fewer births – True North Reports

Art Woolf, economist, describes how Vermont will change as our citizens age. For one thing, the number of births last year was the lowest since 1859.

“Our clients are aging, too. We’re noticing a drop in the kids were serving … the population we’re serving is getting older. So, we have to think about how we recruit, how we maintain staff, and how we attract people to come here and stay here.” For the next two hours, Woolf laid out his data and said that Vermont is demographically different when compared to 49 other states.

“I’ve been looking at this demographic (problem) for the last 15 years,” he said. “I was the lone voice in the crowd starting in the 2000s when I realized what was going on. But this is no longer big news; everybody knows Vermont is an aging state. However, the questions now are what does it mean, what are causes and consequences, and is there anything we can do about it. That’s what I am focusing on.”


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