Racism still prevalent in progressive Vermont, Hartford selectperson says – Valley News

A citizen encounter with ugly racial overtones has the Upper Valley talking and Gov. Phil Scott apologizing.

“Last week, 51-year-old college professor Chris Brown was accosted at a Route 4 intersection by two white men while driving in Quechee with his 11-year-old son. Brown, who moved to Hartford for the foreseeable future with his family in March, said he believes the men initially flagged him down because his car still has New York license plates. (Out-of-staters have been urged to stay away for fear of spreading COVID-19.) However, the interaction quickly took on a racist tone, according to Brown, when one of the men said, “We don’t want your drugs and your crime and your COVID.” “Your kind,” the men told the father and son, weren’t welcome in Hartford."



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  • Jonathan Gilchrist
    commented 2020-05-17 10:52:16 -0400
    There is a great deal of racism in Vermont but I doubt it’s an actual hate for people of color as much as it’s a lack of exposure. Our national profile is very blue but you get out of the Champlain Valley into the rural sections and it’s a very different story. Rural Vermont is very provincial, old families who have lived in their area for generations. There seems a general distrust for outsiders and people of color would definitely fit that. There is also a great deal of anger with all the ’Flatlander’s’ escaping the pandemic and finding refuge here. Big city attitudes towards the rural folk is not taken in a very friendly light. There are many people of color who live in our state’s mountain communities. Everybody knows them, they are part of the community. But strangers are taken in with suspicion. Especially now. But it’s not like Mississippi or even upstate NY.