“No” vote in Newport today would allow ATV traffic on city streets to continue - WCAX

Amid much controversy the City of Newport decided to allow ATV operation on city streets. Today there’s a vote to repeal that decision.

"But opponents, like local resident Russell Potocki, are concerned about the safety and noise. "We're leaning towards saying yes, which is to repeal the ordinance, because of the major noise disruptions that it will have," Potockiare said. "I 100 percent agree with that. Just the noise ordinance alone -- it's just the quality of life. I just think it wouldn't be worth it," added Melissa Potocki. "I'm not opposed to ATVs. I've owned them, I like to ride, but I'm not sure Newport is the best place for them or the streets they chose," said Jacki Monfette, a local resident.

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