Huntington farmer shoots bears that destroy his cornfields – neighbors don’t like it – VPR

A Huntington farmer who has lost $17,000 worth of corn to marauding bears had had enough and shot 10 of them. Now some neighbors are complaining about cruelty to animals.

""For us $17,000 is a lot for this business to lose," Taft said. "If we had not done anything and lost potentially double that, I don't know if we would have had enough money to buy enough corn to keep the number of cows we have." For Taft, it came down this choice: let the bears eat his corn or get rid them. That's why, last year, Taft had 10 bears killed on his property. He shot two of them; others hunters took the rest. This is allowed under Vermont law. Farmers can kill bears eating unharvested corn prior to the hunting season, and a game warden is required to investigate each kill. The normal bear hunting season limit is one, but landowners are allowed to take multiple bears if the animals are damaging corn. "There's no insurance for animal damaged crop," Taft said. "There was just no, I don't believe there was any other option for us at the time. I still don't think there is."

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