‘Free Condoms for Students’ bill approved by House committee - True North Reports

A key House committee has approved a bill requiring schools to provide free condoms to students.

"In order to prevent or reduce unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, each school district shall make condoms available to all students in its secondary schools, free of charge,” the bill language states.

If passed into law, administrative teams from school districts, in consultation with school district nursing staff, would decide on the manner in which to make condoms available to students. At the very least, the bill requires that condoms be placed in locations that are “safe and readily accessible to students, including the school nurse’s office.” While access to condoms in public schools is already part of Vermont law, not all schools follow through."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-03-16 10:37:40 -0400
    I can’t help myself, but every time I see the word “free” now it invokes images of Beanie Sandman (snore!) ! I love the commercial for the tax preparing company that emphasizes free State tax preparation. You know, “Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free….. Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free…. Free, Free, Free…..Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free.” I can’t help but wonder if Beanie’s campaign doesn’t get royalties from that commercial ? LOL!!!!