‘Deplorable’ speech on House floor aimed at Speaker highlights veto problems – VT Daily Chronicle

A Democrat who refused to override Paid Family Leave rose on the Vermont House floor Monday and three times called the behavior and words of House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and other leaders “deplorable.” What will this intra-party pushback mean for the rest of the session, and in November?

“The rest of their bright-and-shiny legislative agenda – aggressive climate change legislation, gun control, commercial cannabis – are all good candidates for a gubernatorial veto. When the 2020 Session began, many observers thought the overwhelming coalition of Democrats and Progressives could force moderate, “Gov. Flip Flop” Phil Scott into accepting whatever bills reached his desk. Overrides seemed likely because even if the Dem/Prog caucus somehow failed to muster the necessary 100 votes, friendly independents and a disaffected Republican or two would probably ride to the rescue.



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