‘Bill Mill’ back at full speed on first day of Legislature – Vermont Daily Chronicle

On their first day back, lawmakers were lining up co-sponsors for new bills to dispense contraception with prescriptions, STD treatment to 12 year old girls without parental consent, and boost home and transportation fuel taxes – all on top of the 850-plus bills already introduced into the Legislature.

 Ban flavored cigarettes and tobacco. (Rep. Jessica Brumstead, Shelburne.)
 Eliminate insulin copays and out-of-pocket charges. (Mari Cordes, Lincoln.) Financing details have not been worked out yet, she said.
 Fund pre-K special education at same level as special ed in all other grades. (Rep. Carolyn Partridge, Windham.) Early intervention is important, she said.
 Expand public school choice to grades 7-8. (Rep. Patridge.)
 Create stringent civil protections for reverse mortgage sales. (Rep. Tommy Walz, Barre.)

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