Biden pastes Bernie in Florida, Illinois primaries Tuesday - VT Digger

Have Democrats finally finished playing pin the tail on the donkey party candidate, and picked Joe Biden? Or will 2020 continue to be the year when nothing goes as predicted?

Florida, with 219 delegates, and Illinois, at 155 delegates, were the top prizes of the evening, and both went to Biden. As of publication, Arizona had not yet been called. As the polls began to close in Florida, Sanders addressed supporters via a livestream to discuss the government response to COVID-19, laying out an estimated $2 trillion proposal to combat the expected economic crisis and not once mentioning his campaign or his performance in Tuesday’s primaries. “In my own city, Burlington, Vermont, bars have been shut down, restaurants have been shut down, child care centers shut down, schools shut down, what happens to all the people who lose their jobs,” Sanders said as he outlined his plan to assist the country’s working class.."

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