“Assume you have it,” Gov. Phil Scott tells Vermonters Wednesday - WPTZ

Gov. Scott advised Wednesday: “assume you have it.” He also said he’s not considering emergency furloughs of prisoners - now.

"-All public schools have now closed, starting today for at least the next two weeks, per Scott's order, though educators are still on the job preparing for remote learning for students starting next week. Staff concerned about their health, parents of an infant, or those over 60 are not required to be inside any school building. All are being paid during this two-week period, said state Education Secretary Dan French.
-The Department of Labor is adding a new electronic option to file for unemployment benefits and adding new staff to handle a surge in applications by phone. The electronic form is here: https://appengine.egov.com/apps/vt/dol/unemploymentinsuranceclaim
-Vermont's corrections system is trying to implement social distancing strategies inside its prison facilities but is not considering emergency furlough of higher-risk inmates "at this point in time," Smith said."

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  • Linus Leavens
    commented 2020-03-20 19:23:01 -0400
    Ok, folks, here it comes. The Health Worker (euphemism for idiot) who worked for Dartmouth Hitchcock who tested positive for Covid-19 and was supposed to stay at home under self quarantine decided instead to go to a party in White River Junction on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone asked who else was at the 100 person event?, because I am of the decided opinion that we have not been told that it was a gathering of health workers, & as a result of one person’s incredibly bad judgement, hundreds of millions of dollars are being lost, as well as dozens of lives across Vermont, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts. Someone tell me I am wrong. VT Digger, Seven Days VT, Freedom of Information Act much? I am asking a question that is your charge to answer. HIPPA regulations should be disregarded because this has become a
    critical public safety issue. It is our rights to alter or abolish any part of our government that does not favor the public good, (Vt Constitution-trust me, the wording is in there) Copy & share the freakin’ bejesus out of this post, because I am triggered. Repost this until we get to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.