“Agrepublicans” to announce more candidates at press conference today – Facebook

John Klar’s “Agrepublican” movement is growing, as evidenced by today’s planned announcement for more candidates for statewide office. A press conference will be held at 11 am in the Cedar Creek Room in the Vermont State House.

““In the Cedar Creek Room at the Vermont Statehouse, Republican candidate for Governor John Klar will introduce a slate of 2020 candidates. The Klar candidacy has been working hard to encourage new Republican candidates to run to increase the numbers of our incumbents who will win seats in the 2020 election. This is a Republican initiative, a rescue plan, if you will, to present a specific ‘agripublican' policy list for Vermonters to weigh in on. It is expected that three (3) statewide candidates will be introduced, and eight (8) or more candidates will announce their candidacies for House or Senate seats. A brief press conference is planned with John Klar giving a concise overview of the policy list centered on economic policy, the opioid issue and Vermont’s schools. Introductions of the new House and Senate candidates will be followed by likely 3 candidates for state wide offices who will be given a few minutes to speak.”

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