“Accountable” health care oversight company gets 59% raise to $1.42 billion – VT Digger

The company that enacts health care reform in Vermont will get a hefty raise this year, thanks to a decision by the Green Mountain Care Board. The increase is due largely to increased participation by Vermont hospitals and health care providers. $1.4 billion program “may work, it may not work, we don’t have any idea about that,” GMCB member Tom Pelham said. Another board member advised, “we need to be patient.”

"Last year, the organization’s budget was $906 million. The increase this year largely reflects an increase in hospitals and doctors that joined the program. The 2020 budget includes $19 million in administrative costs and $43 million in investments in primary care and community programs. The majority of the revenue, a total of $1.36 billion, passes through OneCare to doctors and hospitals to cover care. With the vote, regulators signaled its commitment to the reform efforts, even though they don’t yet have results on whether it's working. Board member Tom Pelham emphasized the experimental nature of the health care system. “It may work, it may not work,” he said. “We don’t have any idea about that.”

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