$293 mil of Fed recovery money could buy broadband for all - Associated Press

For a mere $293 million in federal recovery dough, Vermont can finally have universal broadband via telephone lines, Vermont’s Public Utilities Commissioner proposes.

"“The internet is necessary infrastructure that is essential for Vermonters to stay safe when they shelter at home during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 emergency,” June Tierney, the commissioner of the Department of Public Service, said in a statement announcing the plan. The cost estimate is approximately $300 million and assumes that Vermont will receive an additional infusion of federal aid to support recovery from the COVID-19 virus. The estimated amount of public funding ranges from $122 million to $293 million, depending on the method used to disburse the funding."

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  • Carla Hudson
    commented 2020-05-06 15:34:40 -0400
    how about paying down some of the state’s debt!