$15 pay for entry level workers has others clamoring about ‘compression’ – Middlebury Campus

Thanks to former Free Press reporter Terri Hallenbeck for tweeting this story about her current workplace, Middlebury College. Seems that when the lowest wage starts at $15 (or more), the better paid workers start wanting more, too.

“Every staff member The Campus interviewed for this story said they were glad to see the college raise at least some wages earlier than expected, but many are concerned that those changes only impact employees in entry-level positions. The raises create an issue known as pay compression, in which more senior employees who have received incremental annual raises for years will not receive raises because their wages exceed the new minimums — sometimes only slightly. Waste management/custodial employee Brenda Hansen has been working at the college since 2001. Over the last 19 years, her pay has increased to $15.78 an hour.

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