28 ‘rank and file’ town & city clerks weigh in on vote-by-mail plan - Vermont Daily

About half of the 28 town clerks who responded to a Chronicle of the Vermont State House survey report they have misgivings about Secretary of State Jim Condos’ plan to mail ballots to every registered voter in Vermont. Many say there’s no way to detect potential fraud. Tomorrow, the Vermont Senate considers a bill that will push Phil Scott out of the decision-making arena for how the 2020 election is conducted.

“In an effort to bypass this bottleneck, the Senate Gov Operations Committee Tuesday May 27 approved S348, “temporary elections procedures in the year 2020,” allowing Condos to proceed without Scott’s permission. It’s up for initial approval by the full Senate Tuesday, June 2. As reported in Vermont Daily last week, Sen. Joe Benning (R-Caledonia) predicted last week it will face opposition."



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