10 takeaways from today’s coronavirus press conference - Vermont Daily Chronicle

Healthy people don’t need masks, and state officials have no plans to close schools or quarantine sick people against their will - but they could and will if necessary.

“There are no known active coronavirus cases in Vermont. Twenty Vermonters have completed the two-week screening and have tested negative. 156 other Vermonters are being screened.
Paper masks don’t help healthy people not get the virus, research shows. Paper masks do help sick people not spread the virus. So Vermonters – if you don’t have a mask, don’t panic that you can’t find any in the stores (and you can’t because many are made in China, which has mask production and priority issues of its own). “We have a stockpile in Vermont that we have released 50% of, and are reserving the other half,” Commissioner Mark Levine said.
The Vermont Agency of Education has no plans to close schools – but it could, if necessary. For now, schools are being advised to practice good prevention: wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick, etc."



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